Cuttle bv is a social enterprise based in the Netherlands, Utrecht. We have been developing software for various types of organizations in education. We try to understand the market and in this way support all our different customers as best as possible. A strong foundation of knowledge has already been built up in this way. That’s why Cuttle bv has a number of standard applications, but also attaches great value to innovative, challenging projects and customization. The Cuttle system is used to hold olympiads, math and physics contests.

Task example "Hansel and Gretel".
Multiple choice task example “Hansel and Gretel”

The Cuttle system was created to support various competitions, including the International Bebras Challenges across the USA and the Netherlands. This system supports the entire process of the competition: from preparing the questions and tasks to registering students and grading the competition.

After the results are in Cuttle also offers statistics based on the results and enables the organization to provide each participant with a certificate based on their individual scores. Our product is now used by 21 Bebras countries and many other organizations across the globe. The system is continuously evolves at the request of our partners and developments in the field of e-learning and digital testing.

In addition, organizations and universities have different requirements and their own websites, but they all work with the same code base. The system consists of two parts: the administration site and the competition page. All of this is stored on our servers, each contest has their own database. In addition, when matches go live, the system is able to handle large numbers of visitors.

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